May 09, 2010

mothers day

We went for a short walk in the eastern parts of this particular suburb we call home, and on the return journey saw a small cat on the pavement. Stopping to pat it for a while, I listened to an expletive-laden male voice booming out of a house across the street. Some small girls sat in the junk-strewn front garden, trying not to notice what was going on inside. Predictably, the cat was theirs - as we walked off, they called softly and it wandered across the street to them.

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December 02, 2009


Does anybody read Bob Ellis any more? If they don't, they should. This on Malcolm Turnbull and this on Tony Abbot stand as landmark diagnoses of the Liberals, notwithstanding his irrestible itch for over-egging the rhetorical custard.

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August 24, 2008

sun day

i wanted to go and sit by merri creek
and weep
'cause that's what yer supposed to do
but there were signs
and fences
and people on bikes
so i left the trickling thing behind
and headed south
where i found all manner
of things.

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March 17, 2008

high thirties

Was it the shock of suddenly being outside for the first time, today? I'm not sure. But it was very quiet. Cars purred by softly on the main road. Even passing aircraft seemed a bit further away, a bit less harsh. The sun beat down on the concrete under my feet. I wouldn't be out for long.

On returning, I poked around in the cellar at our sump full of water. The cat danced around the hole in the floor above me, wondering what I was doing, and how he could get down to investigate. I drained as much as I could, wondering how a whole room could stay so damp on a day so hot and dry outside.

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July 20, 2007

comfort noise

The day after we moved in, I could hear the sounds of people playing sport in the park out the back - soccer perhaps, I didn't look. It took me back to growing up in the sprawl of the south-eastern suburbs where there was an oval a couple of streets away. On a lazy weekend you'd hear the same background sound occasionally punctuated by an air horn. And so, while sport's never really been my scene, there's something about this particular situation that makes me feel like I'm at home.

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