September 19, 2002

How ACU has changed me

Who would have thought a Catholic university would change the way I think....

I guess I've always leaned to the left and as I've grown older I've become more of an atheist, but until ACU I would never have........

(don't worry I have not been born again.....and I am not going to church)

..............voted Green. Not because I didn't agree with them but because I always thought that a vote for any party other than the Labour party equated to a vote for the Liberal party.

Since ACU, I have voted Green, joined Greenfleet, and when I shop I buy GE free. I've even given up Cadbury that's real committment. I reluctantly buy Pepsi for Chi, he thinks I've turned into a zealot and thinks there are too many restrictions.

Do you think being around religion and religious people could cause this? Maybe I want something to believe in too........or maybe it is a plot by those right wing Catholics to take my vote away from Labour?

So anyway I will now preach the word of Bob Brown the messiah and give you Grennfleet's web address:

posted on September 19, 2002 at 03:04 PM by rhonda.