September 19, 2002

Technical Writing

I've found myself swallowed into a sudden, intense focus on our documentation at work. This is because the documentation we previously had was inadequate, slipshod, at various levels of technical detail, containing huge gaps in information and in some sections, outright incomprehensible. Yup, it was bad. So bad, that in previous releases, nothing had ever been done about it because... where to start?

Well, the Powers That Be have finally sat up and taken notice (probably because we're about to start having real customers (heavens!)) and are now demanding real and proper documentation. Stuff which is meaningful, coherent, written for the right audience. This has basically entailed a complete rewrite.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I just don't deal well with foolish people, and that I fall asleep if I have to read a non-fiction book (unless it's a LonelyPlanet guide). And here I am writing documentation.

So in contrast with Fleur, who never saw herself as a fiction writer but is now doing good Writing Works, I always figured I'd write fiction (whether as a hobby or perhaps even for real dollario) and here I am writing technical documentation. Come to think of it, in the dim dark murky past I've even been paid for writing technical documentation. And yet the thought of doing it full time fills me with horror.

I blame El Nino. (It seems to get blamed for everything else). And if not El Nino, then the hole in the ozone layer.

posted on September 19, 2002 at 04:02 PM by nicola.