September 20, 2002

Prelude to Inspiration

My favourite trope of the late, great Douglas Adams was his ability to discuss nothing with certainty and subtlety. Tom Stoppard and Sam Beckett share this affinity with discussing the void, analysing its endless powers of fascination. I also discuss the 'not a great deal', although while I believe it brought these writers closer to an understanding of existence, it merely brings me closer to a need to itch myself randomly.

It's odd hearing Douglas Adams referred to in the media as 'late'. Listening to the radio just the other day I heard a DJ say it in such an off-hand manner it almost seemed like he'd been waiting for the chance to sink the boot in. I selfishly wish Adams was able to write a chapter on how it made him feel being described as such, and in such a manner. No doubt he'd have thought of something that made the void that much more pleasant to ponder.

Strange (perhaps simply presumptuous) how much you can miss someone you never knew. Excellent job, Cos, btw. Nice site, and great to read what's going on.

posted on September 20, 2002 at 01:02 AM by dave.