September 24, 2002

Community Noticeboards

I never really thought about freeways and pedestrian bridges much until I started using one (well, one and a half, if you count the freeway-like bit of the Greensborough Bypass). But those pedestrian bridges are really just great big community noticeboards. The current topic on the bridge over Greensborough Bypass is "Happy 21st Jason". It's not too complex, and it lacks the pathos of last month's relationship drama at the eastern end of the Metropolitan ring road. That particular exchange of banners was a three-act love story with a sorry end - "Tracy I Love You", "Tracy Come Back", "Goodbye Pete!". I wonder how Pete reacted, hurtling downhill with that in his eyes.

Today's other odd public message was a literary allusion. An Audi A4 passed me today, bearing personalised plates - "AHAB". Just as I was wondering if the driver was Mr Melville, a Porsche cruised up behind Ahab - a 911 Turbo, with a whale-tail. It's a sign. Today is not the day for obsessing about one idea.

posted on September 24, 2002 at 08:34 AM by darren.