September 26, 2002

a car called fugazi

a car called fugazi, near the office

This one's for you, Darren. I saw it parked near work on the way to lunch. Does this look like the kind of car a Fugazi fan would drive ? Would Ian MacKaye and the lads approve ? Does it reflect their intent, all-ages seriousness ?

I remember seeing the car with the "unix" license plate in the early 1990's, a white, clapped-out holden gemini - not that this reflects upon Unix itself, merely the kind of friendly bearded geeks who espoused its virtues in those days. The car I saw with a "linux" license plate in the late 1990's was a Toyota Camry, I think. What does it all mean ? This is the first car I can recall seeing that has a band name for a license plate (but maybe I don't get out enough ?).

posted on September 26, 2002 at 07:25 PM by cos.