October 01, 2002

Practical Irony

Some people play with evaluation PCs. Some people sing songs. Me, I build financial models for golf courses. Here's the exchange which led to this event:

[Immediate boss] "[Bigger boss] wants you to do the business case for the golf course".
[Me] "That's funny, given I hate golf and think golf courses are the worst use of public short of poorly-stabilised chemical waste storage".
[Immediate boss] "Yeah, I know. Hey, why do they call it golf? Because shit was taken".
[Later][Bigger boss] "So, do you play golf?"
[Me] "No". {Subversive brain chatter} "Because I have a brain".
[Bigger boss] "Great! You'll be highly objective then".
[Me] "Mm". {Subversive brain chatter} "Ha, ha, ha, ha, I'm completely stuffed".
[Bigger boss] "And can you model three different management scenarios. And can you do it by October, because [biggest boss of all] wants it done soon?"
[Me] "Sure". {Disturbing silence in brain}.

Key learning events from this exercise: Excel will let you nest up to 7 IF statements; golf courses are very expensive; I still hate golf. And I never got to tell the golf/shit joke.

posted on October 01, 2002 at 04:43 PM by darren.