October 14, 2002

Heard them through the Grapevine

The world's best publicist has kept up her/his strike rate with yet another Vines article in the Fairfax press. All the elements are in place:

  • "Rock is back" insight.

  • Strokes, Hives and White Stripes name check.

  • "Little-known in Australia but popular in UK" inside tip.

  • "Australian radio is safe-bet city and new stuff never gets played" political claim.

So what's the deal? Are they having trouble shifting units? Did they get the album release timing wrong and run into competing release problems? Are they trying to build the buzz ahead of a local tour?

A less cynical take would be that they're just smart operators and have studied Australian pop history pretty well. The key lesson appears to be that if you want to make it big overseas, don't start here. You start in your target market, perform modestly well, and market back to Australia with much better bite because you have the cachet of overseas success (however modestly defined). Silverchair is a better model than the Saints.

posted on October 14, 2002 at 09:33 AM by darren.