October 17, 2002

my 1st journal entry...

Caught the train in this morning (first time in 3 weeks, it's been good spring sports ridin' weather thus far) due to a personal commitment to 3 pints and a pot of draught or bitter (haven't decided on which option yet, perhaps even a combination) before Oasis at the forum this evening with friends Sue and Dave. so anyways, there was a VCE student (I know that by my finely honed detective comic skills, twas'all of two seconds before I spotted the bright red yr 12 jumper that said VCE below school emblem. couldn't make out the school name though) standing next me in what was a more packed than usual carriage, the crazy old guy who screams a lot and rides this particular train must've been in the next compartment, reasonably attractive (more alt. mooks less sportsgirl-esque sort of way) and had a - not the Vines, not the White Stripes, not even Johnny Rotten but a Pee Wee Herman button on the front strap of her backpack.

Ah, nothing like a bit of pop-cultural rehabilitation, eh? Time to get out the original Buffy Vampire Slayer movie and enjoy Paul Rueben's best non-pee-wee role ever!

And now, them pints and the brothers Gallagher beckon.

The chister

posted on October 17, 2002 at 05:44 PM by chi.