November 11, 2002


Penny and I are moving to the Central Coast of NSW, and quite soon at that. After receiving an excellent job offer, Penny forced me at gun-point to move to a warmer, sunnier clime that offered both beaches and leisurly strolls. I submiited only after hearing about the tan I'd have within a month of arriving.

She'll be leaving in less than two weeks, to look for a house, and to begin work. Rupe doesn't like his employees having easy lives, so there's no time for anything like a casual or relaxed move. I'll be following at the end of the school year, having been egged by the kiddies, and wished a fond farewell from the staff.

It's all rather sad, really, as we were both desperately looking forward to becoming Yarravilleans, and spending a great deal more time with you lot, whom collectively we adore. As to our feelings about you individually...well, that's another matter altogether. That said, we will be relocating to an area and home that will have ample accommodation for those of you who wish to spend some time away from ghastly Melbourne winters.

Becasue of the suddenness of the decision, it's going to be difficult for us to organise a gathering prior to Penny leaving, but I will endeavour to catch up before the ritualistic egging of staff late December. All the best.

Dave and Penny

posted on November 11, 2002 at 05:33 PM by dave.