December 06, 2002

cray-zee names

Darren has directed me to this gem.

I have what some would consider a 'weird' name, and weirdness when it comes to birth monikers is somewhat in the eye of the beholder...BUT names do contain the dream the parents have for their child in some half-articulated way. So what are the dreams of parents who call their child Rodana, or Toolio DeSac???

What's more, class bias is clearly encoded in names. How many Sharons, Cheries, Debbies or Taylahs did you meet at uni? Compared to Sarahs, Naomis, and Jasons? And how many lawyers and doctors will be called Harry, Jack and Emily in 20 year's time, compared to, say, Shantalle, Maddison, or Bubba?

What are some of your favourite and least favourite names? What names say something to you about the life of that they belong to? What does your name say to you - what is its story?

I am called Fleur because my parents watched the first BBC adaptation of the Forsythe Saga in the early 1970s and liked the name of the character. Yep - television heritage.

posted on December 06, 2002 at 11:01 PM by fleur.