February 13, 2003

Still Buzzing

Saw the Buzzcocks perform at The Corner last Thursday. Wow. After the initial shock of seeing slight bald patches on Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, we settled in amidst the mixed crowd of young punks, old punks, ex-punks, indie kids and misc fans. The band had great energy. The singing only got stronger, the longer they played. Great harmonies. Nice guitar solos. It seemed a very significant moment watching Pete change to a fender tele for a few songs. Awesome PA.

Totally got the feeling Steve and bass player (nice rickenbacker) were laughing about some in-joke which Pete was the butt of. Also, noticed they were both wearing evisu denim and had bleached hair. Self-consciously stylish punk!

It was amazing how well loved their repertoire was, many in the crowd knew the words. Heaps were in their early 20s too, so yay Melbourne.

Some of the set list, What do I get , Autonomy (dedicated to Joe Strummer), Harmony In My Head, You Say You Don't Love Me, Fast Cars, Oh Shit, Love You More, Love Battery, Sitting Round at Home, Totally From The Heart. Noise Annoys was a highlight.. can't remember them all.

The encore included Orgasm Addict (with plenty of moans, thrusting, and self-deprecating laughs) and they ended on Ever Fallen In Love.

Pity there was no What Ever Happened To? or Everybody's Happy Nowadays. But that's just testimony to their ability to write a million hooks.

Mach Pelican supported, and they were great! Pete Shelly was standing in the crowd enjoying their set too. But the first support act - all girl band the Homewreckers - sucked. The drummer was sloppy and the singer too busy prancing in her tutu (!) to do her job. The guitar and bass/guitar players are good and should defect.

The gig was good enough to make me go out and buy a ticket to the next night's show at the POW. I hadn't seen support act The Spazzy's since the Joey Ramone Tribute gig at the Tote years ago, and they're still heaps of fun.

Had my telecaster in the boot of the car, and scoped out the scene for autograph opportunities, cause it would be cool to have Pete Shelly's scrawl on it... but it wasn't meant to be. I took enough from the night already.

posted on February 13, 2003 at 04:28 PM by vanessa.