August 02, 2003

Yo La Tengo

Steven, Fleur and I saw Yo La Tengo last night at the Corner. It just confirmed my opinion that you're pretty much guaranteed a good show whenever and wherever they play. The $36 ticket price is certainly a step up from gigs of yore, but you can't complain too much about the value: maybe two-and-a-half hours of songs, banter and Yo La Tengo happy atmospherics.

They did a great spread of songs, too. They favoured the three most recent albums, and the early part of the set was mostly dedicated to And Nothing and Summer Sun. Lots of keys and looping analog synths in those, but they did a great job of building the twilight-seeming hush that marks both albums. They even did a take of their perpetual favourite, Nuclear War, the bongo-driven Sun Ra freak-out. It was an incredibly well judged set though, mixing YLT-rock outs with the intimate, quiet numbers. And just for bonus points, they ended with Rock 'n' Roll Santa.

posted on August 02, 2003 at 10:56 AM by darren.