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on the train
pouts postulates preens
black & red uniform
matching clown outfit?

leather balls, even out the usual mix
turbans,  beanies & baseball caps
different teams same function
R A T M blasts drowning
the. banter of a hundred nations
dressed to the nines
flattened wastelands brimming with regrets
glide past

scratched, grubby windows
fences battle
creepers for supremacy
change here for Cragieburn
five ply, yellow girders
hi-vis vests

still the murmur of a hundred nations
skyscrapers prod a melancholic sky
even the trains sport
different teams colours
hacking; dry; dim sims

lesser beanies
regular mix of accents
tube of sound
morse of flouros
dark arches
lead to darker skies
and a horizon broken by hi-vis jackets

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