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monday morning's alright for standing

A shock on the 86 this morning - it's not right for a Monday, not when it's the wrong side of 7am - we've got one of those trams where they've ripped out most of the seats and put a line of bum-cushions down along the windows, instead. For a little while, I teeter on the edge of one of the few real seats left, but figure that I'll be giving it up for somebody more worthy some time real soon now, and so decide to pre-empt the situation before there's nowhere good to stand. The end of the tram suits me. I can stare out the back window, watching the rails shoot out and away, the rain make patterns on the windscreen, and drivers swarming around the rear of the tram like angry bees.


I took a slightly more circuitous route home, thinking that a walk would do me good, and that I'd be able to see how the old street was going. The tram, however, was full. I couldn't see much past the other passengers, so it was all just a blur of old Northcote memories as I strained to see through the window and work out what had changed in the past few months. By the time the crowd thinned out I was back in more familiar territory, so I left it behind and set out on foot.

station'ry is expanding to cover trams, buses and taxis - i haven't been taking the train much, lately, and we seem a bit starved for content.